WARNING: Do not place another trade until you read this important letter ...

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David Duty
- By David Duty

This is unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's not some
silly e-book, overpriced bootcamp or magical trading "system".

Rebellious commodity trader shows you how to master futures
trading, and pick high-profit trades with freakish accuracy, through
his step-by-step video tutorials and easy-to-understand lessons.

Even if: You've been trading for years, and poured thousands of
dollars into the markets, only to receive little or poor returns

Even if: You have zero trading experience, never placed a trade in your
life, and don't know the difference between a "trend" and a "chart"

Even if: You're already making average to good returns trading futures,
and simply want to improve your skills and make even more money

 ... No wonder it's rated #1 commodity trading course on the planet!

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Date: Tuesday, December 6th, 2006
From the desk of David Duty.

Dear Trader,

I want to ask you a few important questions. Please answer honestly ...

  • Do you get frustrated when you spend hours analysing the charts and finally make a
    trade, but then you're dead wrong and lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars?

  • Have you wasted money buying e-books and courses promising to reveal the "secrets" of becoming a millionaire trader overnight - but were nothing more than a pile of BS?

  • Are you frustrated because after months or even years of trading you still don't really
    understand how the market works, your trades are "hit or miss" and you're losing money?

  • Are you new to commodity trading? Would you like to discover the simple secrets behind successful commodity trading, so you can pick winning trades more often?

  • Have you read a ton of trading books, and learned so many different "systems" that you've more confused than when you started? Does it all seem like too much work?

  • Are you sick and tired of buying trading books that are difficult to understand, confusing,
    or just full of boring technical jargon and put you to sleep?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you ...

You're NOT alone. In fact, that list of questions was created from years of personal experience. I've been in your shoes. I know how frustrating it can be to lose a small or big fortune trading.

In 1996, after losing $10,000 on bad trades, and even more on worthless trading courses, I finally "cracked the code" and discovered a totally new approach to trading that works.

In the next 3 minutes, I'll show you how to easily master the skill of commodity trading, and reap immeasurable financial rewards (faster, easier and with less effort than you ever imagined).

How I Went From Losing Everything, To Trading
Commodities, And Living The Perfect Lifestyle ...

My name is David Duty.

Let me start by saying that I'm no "guru". I'm a regular person just like you.

I won't go deeply into my humble beginnings. But I will say that I almost dropped out of high school and never made it through college.

In 1996 I was busting my butt, working long 18-hour days on a joint venture project with the government and getting nowhere. I longed to start my own business, be my own boss, and work when I wanted to. Then came my lucky break ...

I received a letter in the mail from a cigar smoking "trading guru". He claimed that commodity trading was easy. And that anyone who bought his course would "get rich" overnight. Being gullible and naive, I bought his course. (Boy, what a sucker I was)

When his course arrived, I was shocked at how little information it contained. He said if I wanted to learn the "real secrets" of how to trade, I would need to buy his bigger $3,000 course.

So being naive and stupid, I borrowed from friends and bought his course. It was a huge disappointment. The course only taught one "system" of trading, and not the fundamentals I desperately needed to learn how to trade. But I followed the system anyway, and ...

... within 90 days I lost over $10,000!

Now, after losing so much money, you'd think I would've given up, right? Well I didn't! I became more determined to become a pro trader, and make back my losses. So like most people ...

I Bought Every Book And Course On
Commodity Trading I Could Find!

You know all those trading products you see online and in the mail? Well, I bought every single  one I could get my hands on!


"One Of The Most Comprehensive
Courses I Have Ever Seen"

"There is a Japanese proverb, 'a book gives knowledge, but it is experience that gives under-standing'. Your real world experiences, so well presented in your commodities course, should bene-fit anyone who reads it. It is one of the most comprehensive courses I have ever seen and it's a great value for the money."

Steve Nison, CMT
Pioneer of candlestick trading charts


But the problem was, these products all focused on a "system" of trading (each one claiming to be the #1 system). And after 12 months of studying, I was more confused than when I began!

What I needed was to learn the basics, like:

  • How to analyse charts

  • Find trends

  • Locate the correct markets to trade

  • Place the correct stops, and

  • How to manage my trades

... And not some simple "system" that almost never worked. But I wasn't alone. Some people attempted to teach the basics but were, well, too basic. Or so advanced that only someone with a PHD in Quantum Physics could even start to understand what they were saying!

I soon learnt that most traders (even veterans) didnít fully understand the basics of trading. They were missing a few crucial pieces of the puzzle. And so they regularly "won small" and "lost big".

I knew trading is clearly one of the few ways the "average Joe" could make a decent income. But it's not that easy ... unless you
know how. Anyway, I kept reading and studying,
and finally..

A Light Bulb EXPLODED In My Head!

One day, out of the blue, a light bulb "went on" and suddenly everything fell into place and trading commodities made sense to me. I felt like I'd finally "seen the light" and through the process of constantly studying, I'd figured things out.

I started trading again, and within just months, my life turned around. I went from being dead-broke to living the perfect lifestyle.  I finally "got it" and started trading full-time. And once you experience this yourself, youíre hooked. Thereís nothing else like it in the world

Keep reading, because in the next few minutes, I'm going to show you step-by-step, how to do what I'm doing. So stay tuned ...

Successful Commodities Traders Have A Lifestyle
That Most People Only Ever Dream About ...

Once you learn to trade, it only takes an hour or so a day. You wonít have a boss telling you what to do ... no traffic jams to fight each day ... and no more exchanging your time for a tiny pay check.

In fact, I have students who earn a better income trading part-time from home, than they ever did working an executive 9 to 5 job.

Last year, my wife and I started looking for a place to "retire". We travelled around the world searching for the right place (Europe, South America, Mexico, Caribbean and Central America).

In May, we found the "perfect place", a beautiful villa situated in the breathtaking mountains of Boquete, Panama. Itís the most beautiful place Iíve ever seen. Boquete is rated as one of the top five places in the world to retire.

I remember not long ago that I could only dream about living in a place like this. Now that dream is a reality. How nice is it? Well, three of my neighbours have their own helicopters, if that gives you a clue. So how did I get here? The commodities trading business (Yes, I said business because that's what it is. And if you donít treat it like a business then you won't be around for long).

Here's A few Photos Of Our "New Home"

(Boquete is rated as one of the top five places in the world to retire!)


Our mansion on the hill, helicopter and a stable full of horses. A great lifestyle


Playing golf, going for a mountain drive, all in a days work

When I want to work, it's from the comfort of my own home. For a break, I sit on my terrace and watch the horses running around in the paddocks below, or walk about five minutes and play a round of golf, or walk down to the end of my drive and eat at the clubhouse or go to the gym.

Like I said, the area I live in was rated as one of the five top places in the world to retire and I live in the number one rated place in the area. Actually itís a five star gated residential resort. There are only about 150 people who live here from around the world. We donít even have heating or air-conditioning in the house because itís just not needed. Itís like springtime all year round.

How My Trading Experience Gave Birth To -
The #1 Rated Trading Course On The Planet!


"Turned His Vast Trading Knowledge
And Experience Into An Educational Course"

"David has turned his vast trading knowledge and experience into an educational course, loaded with examples, charts, and in depth detailed personal experiences. Anyone who might have the opportunity of spending time with David, and learn from one of the masters, is certainly in for a knowledgeable and pleasurable experience."

Lan Turner
CEO Gecko Software Inc.
Logan, Utah, USA.


In January of 1996, a few friends literally begged me to tell them how I was able to generate a full time income from trading commodities. I agreed. And soon, they were coming over ALL the time!

One day, my wife said I couldn't use our living room as a classroom anymore. But I loved teaching and didn't want to stop. So I went down to the local college, and hired a classroom for a month.

After the classes finished, and my students were making money, the word spread. I started receiving calls from strangers, asking when my next "commodities class" was on.

But I didn't want to be teaching classes every month (now its just a few times a year in seminars in the USA, Canada and Europe). So I decided to create an easy-to-understand, step-by-step course on how even a trading newbie, could become a pro commodity trader, and start raking in profits.

I called it "Common Sense Commodities". This is first trading course that shows you how to trade using a simple step-by-step format. You can trade any market, any time, and live anywhere in the world you desire. I guarantee you that there is no other course on the market that is as complete as this course (more details on that in just a moment).

Now I realize you may have some concerns and you should. After all, who am I to be giving you advice on how to trade commodities? And can you really believe that what I'm saying is true?

These are important questions. (Heck, I'd be asking them too!). So to make you feel at ease, and that I'm not some "Johnny come lately" guru, let me answer your question ...

"Who Is David Duty And How Is He Qualified To
Teach Me How To Trade Commodities For Profit?"

Reason #1: I'm A Licensed Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA)

I'm a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) and licensed with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) which means, I have to adhere to their rules and regulations.

Most trading "gurus" are not licensed. Either because of their unsavoury trading background, or because it would stop them from making the bogus claims they rely on to sell their products.

I'm not going to feed you a bunch of hype and bogus claims. But believe me, my course can improve your trading activities greatly. I have proven it and so have my customers.

Reason #2: My Course Was Rated The #1 Trading Course On The Market!

After surveying hundreds upon hundreds of my students in over 67 countries (from novice to advanced traders), a whopping 100% said they liked my course BETTER than any other course they had taken! (see graph on the right)

That kind of customer satisfaction is unheard of. In fact, I don't know of another course, let alone a trading course, where satisfaction is so high.

Look. I don't mean to boast or brag. But with so many crappy courses out there, I feel it's only necessary that I PROVE my course is different - by sharing this impressive customer feedback with you.

Reason #3: I Also Own A Commodities Brokerage

I'm also the founder of Common Sense Capital. We have offices in Utah and California and are looking at opening our third office soon.

I started my brokerage three years ago, to provide both new and veteran traders with continuing support from the best brokers in town.

I know there's a lot of crooked brokers out there. Who pester you with calls everyday, insisting that you make trades you know nothing about - just so they can fatten their bank account, while you go broke!

Common Sense Capital provides my students with an exceptional service, so you can ...

1.) Deal with brokers who are familiar with my common sense approach to trading.
2.) Receive full support, training, and advice on commodity trading - for FREE
3.) Get help with paper trading before you invest any of your money.

Reason #4: My Students Get Phone Support With Me Personally!

Unlike most other trading "gurus", I don't sell my course and then leave you high and dry to fend for yourself. You get one-on-one phone support with me for a full 90 days. And it's not a group conference call either. It's just you and me on the phone. And the best part? It won't cost you a cent to call me (if you live in USA, Canada, England or Australia).

You also get my personal email address and access to my 'students only' forum. Which means, you're not only supported by me, but also by hundreds of other savvy traders (who are making a full time income trading, after taking my course).

No other trading "expert" does this. They don't give out their number to their customers.

Reason #5: People Fly From All Over The World To Attend My Sold-Out Work Shops

I hold trading workshops in the USA, Canada and England. These workshops are so popular, hundreds of people from all corners of the globe, request to attend.

But I limit these workshops to 15 people ONLY. Why? Because I like to keep each one small and intimate. That way, everyone gets enough one-on-one attention, and all of their questions answered. And I love getting feedback from attendees!

But you don't have to wait until my next workshop to learn my proven, step-by-step "common sense" approach to trading. You can secure your copy of my course today!

"Common Sense Commodities"

This is unlike any other trading product you've ever seen before.

It's not another silly e-book. Not another hyped-up trading "system".

This is a 450 page printed course and itís in full color too! Itís written in simple, easy to understand English, that even novice traders can follow. You won't be taught one magical "system".

You'll learn everything you need to know, to understand the markets and trade with complete confidence - and the best times to trade for the highest returns!

This course is divided into 3 components. The first one consists of 11 all important trading lessons. Followed by the reference section. And lastly, over 10 hours of video tutorials.

11 Trading Lessons

This comprehensive course teaches you everything you need to know, to become a master futures trader, in step-by-step lessons (you'll learn about charts, trends, patterns, markets, etc).

Video Tutorials

Over 10 hours of video footage revealing step-by-step trading techniques, patterns, trends, etc. Blow-by-blow instructions of 'what' to do, and 'when' to do it. It's like you're looking over my shoulder, as I teach you HOW to trade.

Reference Section

Here you'll receive my personal list of resources, books, and websites to visit for additional trading strategies, lessons and specific tactics. 

Lets take a closer look at each component in greater detail ...

Component #1:

   11 Step-By-Step Trading Lessons

Lesson #1: Looking At The Markets - The Charts

The right way to analyse charts. Learn the 3 different ways to "view" the charts.
Read this easy-to-follow lesson, and you'll understand how and why the charts work!


12 important trading terms explained in plain and simple English. Don't even think about looking at a chart until you read this lesson, or you'll only get confused!

Discover the #1 way to trade commodities and make money. And why listening to the "news" is a sure-fire way to lose money! Listen. By the time we watch the news, the market has already changed. I'll reveal a much better way to trade.

How to dramatically reduce your risk. You'll learn the minimum Risk/Reward ratio each of your trades MUST have before you make them (so many traders ignore this golden rule, and watch in desperation as their entire account disappears overnight!)

The simple secret to minimizing your risk and maximizing your profits is revealed inside this lesson (Hint: It's all about the "risk/ratio" principal).

How to use "stop losses" to avoid losing your shirt! You're going to learn from real life examples of how, when and where to use stops for maximum protection!

Examples of "stop losses" on actual charts. You'll learn how to dramatically reduce the risk of every future trade, all explained in an easy-to-understand language.

Amazingly, millions of dollars are LOST every year by brokers who entered in the wrong type of order for their client! You can avoid this from happening, when you use this simple 15 word phrase (and no, it's not what you're thinking!)

The 5 types of "orders" you must understand before you start trading. One reason why so many traders lose money is because they aren't aware of these orders!

The right way to communicate with your broker to ensure your relationship is stress free and profitable (it's more than just being "nice" or "clear" with them).

Lesson #2: Charting In General

The secret to predicting the profitability of a trade! Learn about the 3 types of "trends", what they mean, and how to use them to increase your profits!

Why learning to "draw trendlines" is vital to your trading success (too many traders get this part dead wrong, and they lose money. But you won't!)

The #1 key strategy to profitable commodity trading. It's simple; it's powerful, yet frequently overlooked. Once you know what it is, you'll have an unfair advantage over even the savviest traders.

Charting 101. How to read and analyse the charts like a pro. You're going to get an education in charts that took me 10 years to learn, in less than 30 days!

How to use the "power of three" principal to become an more accurate trader.

The one specific "degree angle" that almost guarantee's a trendline will hold for several months, and continue to go up, up, up ... which means profit, profit, profit!

How many "hits" do you need to get to confirm a trend? It's crucial that you know the answer to this question before you trade, or you may lose money! (See pg. 45)

Lesson #3: Support and Resistance Levels

How to know where to place your orders, when to get out of a trade, and where to place your stops. (Without this valuable knowledge, you could lose thousands!)

How to use a "CN" to find the best position to place your orders and stops on a chart! (This piece of advice will save you loads of time analyzing the charts)

The 5 positions you should never place your "stops" at (this one secret alone could save you a fortune over the next few years).

The simple 2-minute exercise that'll make it easy for you to analyze the charts and know exactly what's going on, and what you should do next.

How to use my highly accurate "50% level" technique to find out where prices will eventually head (you can even use it on daily, weekly, and monthly charts).

New to trading? Here's the kind of trades every newbie should avoid. Plus the best one's for you to make (so you can both save and make money).

How to ensure the trade you're making is a "true trade" and not a "false breakout".

What's the most reliable formation on any chart? Learn the one type of formation that can generate quick and easy profits for you! And charts with examples of each formation that you can follow and learn from.

Everything you need to know about "Gaps" and "Channels" explained in full (What are they? Only two of the most important trading formations that exist!).

Lesson #4: Reversal Patterns

The 5 things you must know about "reversal patterns" (these patterns are crucial to your success as a trader, but sadly, most traders don't even know they exist)

Why the "1-2-3 method" is one of the most controversial yet highly-effective trading method that exists. Also learn about the the 10-20-50 rule which can keep you out of bad trades and give you a greater chance of making huge profits!

Why "reversal days" are important days to trade. Discover two things you need to look for during these days, to ensure you have an unfair trading advantage.

REVEALED: My favorite trading formation of all time! You'll get a full education in this incredibly simple, easy and hugely profitable formation (that's provided many of my students with incredible returns. Now you can do the same).

The #1 costly mistake people make with "open orders" that can suck the money out of your bank account faster than a vacuum cleaner on steroids!

How to trade "Blips". My signatures trading pattern for maximum profit in minimum time. Including my step-by-step instructions and advice explained on many useful charts and diagrams.

2 of the best charts to trade blips on. Focus on these charts and you'll make more money than if you were watching any other chart.

The biggest mistake new traders make with weekly and monthly charts. That costs them a fortune in trades that "could have been". (Don't make the same mistake!)

Lesson #5: Continuation Patterns

The secret to making fast profits in the market is to understand the 5 "continuation patterns" explained inside this chapter.

How to use the "triangle" formation to generate profits in the market.

Why "pennants and flags" are some of the most reliable formations that exist. And how to use these predictable formations to know what the market should do next!

Actual chart example's of short-term formations. Plus written commentary explaining what you should do, in each of these popular formations, to enhance profits!

Lesson #6: Entering A Trending Market

What to do when the charts show NO indicators? Most traders would freeze. But it's actually a fantastic time to trade. Here's what to do, step-by-step.

How to avoid gambling away your profits (many traders put their winnings back on the table, and end up losing it all! Learn how to avoid this costly mistake).

How to stop your emotions from ruining your trades (often emotions will try to make decisions for us. If they do, then I swear you're on the road to financial ruin).

2 important rules you must follow, in order to become a successful trader.

The secret to making a fortune trading is to keep your losses small and always add to your winnings. But this is difficult to do, unless you use the "pillaring" technique.

How to use alerts to save a ton of money. Listen, many traders instruct their brokers to use open orders instead of an alert, and they typically lose a ton of cash. Don't let this happen to you. Learn how to use alerts and save lots of money.

Which commodity and contract month should you trade? The answer to this common question is revealed inside this lesson.

Scared of losing money? Here's one of the safest trades you could ever make. If
you've ever lost cash, then you can follow this easy plan. .

Lesson #7: Targets

When is the right time to take profits? If you take them too early, then you miss out on making extra profits. But if you wait too long, then you are completely out of luck. So what to do? In this lesson, you'll learn methods for knowing when to take profits.

Look at 9 different charts as I explain the best times to "take profits". You'll watch as I explain what to do, step-by-step, on each chart to ensure a profitable outcome!

The mega costly mistake traders make when changing stops - and how to avoid it.

The #1 sure-fire way to lock in your profits (if you don't learn to do this, you
WILL lose a ton of money. This one secret alone could save you thousands!)


Here's the ONLY direction you should ever move your stop. Sadly, many traders don't know this and end up losing their shirt. (But you won't, once you know how).

Everything you need to know about short-term and long-term profit taking.

Lesson #8: The Indicators

2 critical things you must have before you start trading. I didn't have these at first, and my trades were very hit or miss. But when I got them, my trades drastically improved!

The best value for commodities charting software on the market. (This is the only software I use and itís what over 90% of my students use. It makes trading easy, hassle-free and very profitable) And Iím going to give you a FULL demo with the course.

2 types of indicators that are critical to your success. You could learn every other indicator, but until you learn these ones, then all of your trades will be "hit or miss".

Every type of important trading indicator explained in detail (stochastics, Fibonacci, price bands and any more). Plus step-by-step chart explanations.

One of the most reliable, accurate and profitable indicator's that exists! It's so simple, yet so powerful, that it will even tell you when to get in and get out of a market!

How to get an expert "second opinion" on your trades before you make them. (It's like having a professional trader "on call" ready to give you advice when you need it!)

Fibonacci trading explained. You'll see chart formations, indicators, ratio's, practical advice ... you'll have a thorough understanding once you read this lesson.

Lesson #9: Commitment Of Traders Report

A FREE report that exposes what big companies are trading. This little known report is one of the key tools I use regularly to analyze the market. Now you can too.

The "10 golden rules" to profitable trading. Anyone whoís ever lost money trading, has ignored one of these simple rules. (So if you're serious about generating a fulltime living trading, then you'll want to tattoo them to your arm. They're that important!)

How much of your trading account should you risk on one market? Many traders make the mega costly mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket. But there's a specific percentage you should invest in each market (the answer will surprise you)

Cash emergency? If you've just lost a ton of money trading, here's what to do, step-by-step to turn your situation around, and get back on track fast! (I've been in that situation a few times. Here I'll show you how to get out of it).

A crash course in trading psychology. Did you know that winning at trading requires 80% mental and only 20% skill? It's true. Learn how to develop the same mind-set that millionaire traders use to maximize their wins and minimize their losses!

Why "over trading" is one of the worst mistakes you can make (if you are careful with your account, it can give you rewards beyond your dreams. But if you disrespect it, then your account will surely do the same to you!)

My personal list of brokers who'll teach you to trade for FREE! (No catch. Seriously. And they will NOT force you to trade with real money. I guarantee it.)

Why keeping a journal is crucial to your trading success. (In fact, I don't know of a successful trader who doesn't keep a journal) Plus here's what you should write in it.

You'll get a copy of my personal trading "check list". Simply follow each step while doing your analysis and trading and you're chances of winning will skyrocket!

12 questions you must ask a broker before working with him. His answers to these questions will reveal if he's someone you want to work with ... or run away from!

A simple trick that stops ANY broker from annoying you every day with calls .

Learn what you should be paying your broker in commissions. If you don't know what the normal rate is, then you may be charged a massively inflated rate.

Lesson #10: Putting It All Together

17 simple trading "guidelines" to live by. To help you become a professional trader quicker and easier than you ever thought possible (even if you've never traded before)

How to instantly know which contract to trade in ANY MARKET. There are 14 little-known indicators (that are easy-to-spot once you know how) that will reveal the best contract to trade in every scenario. This information is priceless!

How to remove the "fear blocks" that are stopping you from making money.
Society has installed the "fear of success" belief into all of us. And it's limiting you
from enjoying the kind of lifestyle you truly deserve. Learn how to crush it now.


The right way to paper trade that will SHORT CUT your trading learning curve dramatically without you ever risking a dime in the markets "figuring things out".

The pro's and con's of paper trading. There are several "hidden pitfalls" and drawbacks that you need to know about, so you can avoid them.

How to finally "get started" trading. If you've been procrastinating for a while, then here's the secret to taking action now (and it's more than saying "just do it").

Lesson #11: The Study Charts

Listen. If you're going to be successful in trading real money, you must learn to paper-trade and analyse the charts FIRST. And that's what this lesson does for you. It walks you through the process of paper trading, step-by-step.

Unlike most other courses, I don't just teach you a bunch of trading terms, then leave you high and dry, not knowing what to do next. Not only do I teach you everything you need to know and show you what to do next. But I also walk you through the whole commodity trading process, step-by-step! No other "educator" does this!

Component #2:

  Step-By-Step Trading Video Tutorials!

(insert pic of CD) ... (insert short 3 minute video clip)**** to be completed

Many of my students have said this is the best part of the course.

You'll feel like sitting next to me, as I walk you through my entire course, and explain every single term, chart, pattern, etc, in easy to understand, step-by-step detail. You'll watch me analyze dozens of charts and hear me explain the reasons behind my every move.

Plus ... if anything about trading is confusing, then simply pop in the CD, click on the right video chapter, and then listen to me explain it for you, in everyday English. It's like I'm right there, ready to answer all of your most pressing questions about trading!

You'll access over 10 hours of commodity trading techniques jam packed into one CD. This means, youíll be able to play, pause, stop and rewind each video, any time you like. So you'll remember so much more, than if you were to attend a seminar.

Here's Just A Few Of The Countless
Success Stories We've Received ...

"With Your Lessons, The Accuracy You
Could Enter The Market Is Amazing"

"I find your lessons and techniques are FANTASTIC. Before your lessons, when I looked at the charts I saw what I was supposed to, but did not quite understand what I saw. But with your lessons, the accuracy you could enter the market is amazing. Between your lessons and Gecko, it is something to watch the daily ticks on a chart stick like glue to the
lines I draw in. Thank you David!"

-Zorian B, King City, Ontario, Canada

"Your Common Sense Commodities
Has Improved My Trades Greatly"

"I have been trading fundamentally for over a year with mixed results. I could never figure out why some trades went against my position when the fundamentals looked good. All the news pointed the market in one direction, but the market went the opposite direction. I knew the answer must be in the technical side of the trade. David, you answered all of my questions and have inspired me to trade with an all new confidence. Your "Common $ense Commodities", has improved my trades greatly."

Richard S. - Boulder, CO USA

"This Is The Best Course I've Taken So
Far, Because Its So Comprehensive"

"This is the best course I've taken so far, because its so comprehensive. Having had some exposure to trading, your lessons made sense and give very good value for the money. Like new formations. Blips. Like the 123 Top/Bottom rule, which makes a lot of sense. Also believe your strategy for entering market that breaks out of a channel - or whatever, a blip, too - is incredibly wise."

Douglas M, Beverly Hills, CA USA

"It's Taken Me Years, And Thousands Of
Dollars To Learn What You're Offering"

"Each topic was very thoroughly covered. I also feel that your choice on the technical analysis selections was right on. It's taken me YEARS ... and thousands of hard earned dollars, to learn what you're offering your students with this manual. I am very pleased with this course. The foundation is in place to really bring something new to traders. Your chosen direction is right on mark."

Raghee H, (commodities trader)
Coral Springs FL, USA

"What Your Course Taught Me I Use Every Day"

"David, I wish I would have know about your course before I spent thousands of dollars on seminars and other high priced tools. What your course taught me I use every day and everyone else stuff is just that "stuff". Your course delivers the meat and potatoes of trading successfully!!....Thanks!"

John McCarthy, Fenton, MI

"I Can Still Hardly Believe
How Easy Your Methods Are"

"I know I've said this before, but I can still hardly believe how easy your methods are!! There are some things that I'm still having problems with (figuring profits/loses) but I read your book again this past weekend and more of the techniques have gotten easier to recognize.

This morning, I found 8 trades to put on (paper trading) and that amazes me. Last week I put on 18 paper trades of which 16 completed the formations and I would have been in the market/in a contract. Of those 16, NONE were losers. That just really amazes me. NONE were losers."

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I appreciated your sincere help and you contributed to my learning curve in the the market and I thank you for that - Best wishes - and keep it going David, you're one of the few "honest" instructors out there - who uses a KISS approach that works."

- Don Meltabarger, Ontario, Canada.

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